Who Qualifies as a Wisconsin Player?

If you haven’t noticed already we have a section of the website devoted to the greatest players that Wisconsin has produced (http://www.nhlinwisconsin.com/greatness.html). But who should count as a Wisconsin player? Can it be anyone that played hockey in Wisconsin? Then should we look more towards the Badgers instead of the Admirals since they are defined more by what their NHL team does? Right now Chris Chelios is the only one that is borderline since he only played 2 years at UW. Brian Rafalski wasn’t born here but spent a good deal of time here playing on the Capitols and Badgers (4 year player). But once a Badger always a Badger?

Need to be born in Wisconsin.
Yeah, I would say needs to be born in Wisconsin or born somewhere else and moved to Wisconsin at a fairly young age.

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