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Wisconsin has a lot of great options for locations but the main thing to remember is that we travel very well to events at all levels. There are huge high school, college and professional followings more than the average state. Putting a team in Green Bay doesn’t hurt them because a lot people that go to Lambeau on Sunday’s are coming from Madison, Milwaukee, Fond Du Lac, Eau Claire, etc. Is a good guess for that number 40%? It is always laughable to hear that the reason people don’t go to Rays games in Tampa or Coyotes games in Arizona is because of where the stadium is located…across town…30 miles away. This high level of state wide support would also help in playing schedule which we will discuss on a later page.

The Team Tour

This is where I think it would be fun for the whole state. Every year you rotate a city in Wisconsin that is capable and that city hosts the team for a 4-7 game home stretch. Wisconsin has wonderful facilities all over that could certainly house them for that length of time. It could also be an event for that area to help boost tourism dollars. I think it would be a great way to keep interest at a high level for most of the population as well. There could also be events similar to the Badger’s winter classic, where they could play on Lambeau Field or Camp Randall.

Indoor Facilities to possibly host (capacity approximates): The Bradley Center (18,700), Kohl Center (15,300), Dane Co. Coliseum (9,500), Brown County Arena (5,200),

Would it be fun for an NHL team to play in a 5000 seat arena?

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Re: Team Tour

Postby FallsLlamas » Thu Jan 20, 2011 4:09 am
It’s about $. If we only have the ability to hold 5000 people, there is no way we could have an NHL team. If I had to guess, the smallest NHL arena is 12,000 people. I am not saying we are going to sell out the BC every night, but we need a big arena to pay the salaries of our players. It might be cool to play in a small, intimate arena, but the players would rather play in a place with luxury boxes, $100 seats, and the most $ possible.
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Do People Enjoy the Bradley Center?

 Should it be replaced or should it constantly be updated? I think if championships start being won there people will start appreciating it. It’s a pretty decent facility and represents the good work that the Bradley/Pettit family did for Milwaukee. How could it be improved?

 I hate it for basketball. I can’t afford the expensive seats and the cheap seats for basketball are awful. It’s a great building for hockey, which makes sense because it was donated by the Pettits to bring an NHL team here. The sight lines are great for hockey, even when you’re in the top corner of the 400 level.

I remember my first Admirals game at the Bradley Center. It was in the mid 90s, my dad got free tickets from work. He didn’t really like hockey and was debating whether or not to take us to the game. Nobody in the family was really a hockey fan at that point but last minute we decided to go. We got there, seats were in section 406 which is in the corner. Even though the Admirals lost to the hated Wolves, we all had a great time.

It could use some renovations but it’s not a horrible building and with the proper renovations it could be a very good NHL building.

What NHL team do people from Wisconsin root for?

Or who should we root for? I’ve heard a lot that the Blackhawks are a favorite, not sure if that is represented by a lot of transplants or because it is somewhat easy to get to games from Milwaukee and Madison. I don’t know of many Wild fans here, maybe as you go north towards Eau Claire and such they gain popularity. The Anaheim Ducks were fairly popular when I was kid, mostly due to the movies, but are they too far away? Detroit and St. Louis are the next closest after MN and Chicago.

by Dubbs1280

Minnesota Wild. How can you not love the “State of Hockey” and a fanbase that supports their team as well as we support the Packers.

by AdmiralsFan24 » Fri May 27, 2011 6:18 pm
Predators. I also watch the Wild since several of their games are on TV every season.

Team Name/Logo – Braves

A couple months ago a forum user named “Erica” made the suggestion of the Milwaukee Braves as a team name. I loved it, I thought that team would be perfect, you tie into Milwaukee’s sports history as well as Wisconsin’s overall history. Many of us are too young to remember the effect the Braves had on the state, and the devastation of when they left. From what I hear they were fully beloved, and probably would rival the Packers for attention if they would have stuck around. Part of the reason for that was how successful they were. They didn’t have a losing season for all 13 years they were in Milwaukee, also winning a world series and having players that rival the stature of the Yankees didn’t hurt either. Maybe if you bring a team there with the same name you get a little kharma rubbed off, and perhaps a pavlovian response of happiness everytime you hear that name, “and introducing the MILWAUKEE BRAVES!”. Ahhhhhhh.

by jwiii69

In this ridiculously PC culture, you want to start a team with the name Braves?!? I don’t see that going anywhere…I doubt the league would even ALLOW a native name to come in now.

Love the Caps colors though, you’d never mistake it for anyone else’s scheme.

Just my $0.02


by admin
I definitely failed to take that into consideration. I figured it would be okay given our history with the franchise of the Braves, but it probably is unlikely now if it would be a “new” expansion.

I didn’t realize how serious it is, but to your point since 1990 when PC’ness came into full force these are your expansion/relocation teams in all the major sports – Wild, Lightning, Thunder (ironic), Panthers (NFL, NHL), Bobcats, Jaguars, Grizzlies, Raptors, Ravens, Nationals, Devil Rays (cut down to Rays even), Diamondbacks, Rockies, Thrashers, Hurricanes, Sharks, Blue Jackets, Predators, Avalanche, and Ducks. I was only half ass joking when I said you are basically giving up naming your team after a jungle cat but it looks like that is what you have to do these days so as not to offend anyone. It does seem you almost have to be grandfathered into it.

Maybe if we had the full backing of the native population of Wisconsin. I know when Miller Park was going to be built there was a bid by a tribe to build the stadium but it was rejected. If that comes up again if a new arena needs to be built maybe Braves could be approved. To me Braves always came off as a positive connotation of Native American culture, but then again I’m white. Or perhaps we could take Braves to mean something more general.

Team Name – Union


We finally have an idea to tie ourselves to at least something going on. A proposed team name of the Wisconsin Union. Before I get into reasons of why I think it may work, let me just say we are not trying side with anyone completely from a site standpoint, people who know me personally know what side I’m on but I don’t think it’s appropriate to leak it through a hockey website. We will remain as much as we can a sports website. I abhor those that try to step back and forth between many different lines. There is enough politics in the media enough as it is with talking heads babbling incoherently non stop, it might be nice to have some places that are void of that and just try to focus at the topic at hand. Not to mention I think it alienates readers when there is no need to. Unless it is politics in relation to the NHL or hockey we’ll leave it to those sites that you expect it from and ones you probably read on your own already. Or I could just be avoiding the inevitable.

But for the most part which ever side you are on, it is hard no to appreciate the dedication the protesters have show to a cause they believe so strongly about. Isn’t that what America was founded on? I’ve never been more proud to be from Wisconsin than during this time.

Great Things About the Name Union/logo:

We’d instantly become a trivia question on what sports teams don’t end in the word “S”. Most are from the NHL anyway.

Used a hammer which is symbolized in the Wisconsin flag to represent our recognized manufacturing industry.

It would connect with Wisconsin’s history as a major force in the Union army during the Civil War.

The significance of the Memorial Union, boom.

And yes it would tie back to the storied tradition of Unions in Wisconsin and as they exist today.

Team Name/Logo – Lumberjacks


A couple close seconds: The Lumberjacks. Wisconsin does have a rich logging tradition and it is the reason many settlers came here, not to mention our relation to the Paul Bunyan tall tale. They could also spin them off into the Axe Men, or the The Jacks. We could also make foam axes as merchandise.

League Insertion

How are teams added to any league? Can anyone just say ” I have the money I want a team and they do it”. It seems a lot more people would be buying and starting teams then, yet Mark Cuban is always having problems with it. Is it like a fraternity and you have to get hazed with paddles?

Once we figure out that portion then we would need to insert somewhere between the conferences most likely. If we would expand the league it may water down talent too much. Currently there are 30 NHL teams. 15 per conference. Each conference is made up of 3 divisions which have 5 teams. If we would adopt Phoenix, the West would still work out well, they would just have to shift some teams around but we could build some interesting rivalries. One idea would be to go into the Northwest division of the Western with Minnesota. That way you could move Vancouver to the Pacific. I think there would still be a decent rivalry between WI, IL, MI.

An argument for getting a team in Wisconsin would be to look at how the league is set up now. Below is a map showing what states and provinces currently have hockey. Blue are the Canadian teams and red US.

It seems a little disjointed. Very few border states unless you are on the east coast or Canada. Not a lot of teams within a days travel by car as well. If you look at football, it comes out a little differently.

I added a few more states for New England since that is a regionally named team, and New Jersey since technically the football is played in the state. The NFL is leaps and bounds ahead of the NHL in terms of popularity and revenue so it isn’t just as simple as saying where teams are located is the reason but one has to consider the factor of how having border states helps pique interest in something. That is in essence where college sports is coming from. Sure I hate Penn State when UW plays them but I’m not sweating it if they lose to them as much as I would Illinois or Minnesota. Nowadays rivalries can be created in any fashion but one of the quickest is to pit two states with history against each other in something.

The best situation so far – Buying the Phoenix Coyotes and moving them to Wisconsin. Moving teams is somewhat easier than adding them since there usually isn’t a lot of reshuffling of divisions. Also for those not aware Phoenix has a few bad seasons and are seeing ticket sales plummet. Since the begininng of the season there have been talks that they will need to be bought by the league. But for some reason they want to keep them in Phoenix??

Team Location – Milwaukee

 Milwaukee, they already have the Admirals, the Bucks and Brewers all during crucial hockey months. I am also weary of the big cities and sports. Take New York, biggest city in the US, but if you are not the Yankees or winning a championship New Yorkers in general don’t care about you. Granted, Milwaukee isn’t New York, unless you look at the example of the Bucks. They don’t sell out without being championship caliber. The same percentage of people are probably die hard in both cities, New York just has the benefit of having 1000% more people than Milwaukee so even mediocre seasons will see healthy ticket sales. Think of the Nets and Knicks, you saw how many die hard fans there really are last couple years when they were on pace to win 10-20 games for much of the season. Some of that had to do with poor ownership and it’s hard to justify shelling out hard earned money to support inferior products. But you want to know how much interest you really have start losing, be the worst team in the league for one year. That’s an expensive way to do market research as you fail, but that is how big, metropolitan, Neapolitan, financial center cities are with a good portion of franchises.

That isn’t to say that Milwaukee isn’t a great sports town, there just has to be a certain level of support even during rough patches. With all the dozens of other things to do in cities not to mention the ratio of people transplanted there it seems like a crapshoot if new big city franchises will succeed or not. Remember when the Brewers were in danger of being moved in the late 90’s? It may have been a perfect storm of things happening, and luckily they didn’t but when thinking about a franchise always plan for worse case scenarios. Milwaukee would be a great choice for a lot of reasons but if I wanted to bet my money I’d rather go to a smaller city with 70-80% interest rather than a huge city with 20% interest

by AdmiralsFan24 » Fri May 27, 2011 6:26 pm
Milwaukee is the only city that’s big enough to work. Still could draw a few fans from Madison and the Fox Cities.

I think the support in Milwaukee is fine. The Brewers have been supported for years even if they haven’t always deserved it. The Bucks haven’t been supported but they’ve been awful for the better part of 20 years. All an NHL team would have to do is make it to the 2nd round of the playoffs twice and 20 years and that would be an improvement over what the Bucks have done in the same time frame.

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